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  1. 2021-2022 National High School Federation rules will be followed with the few exceptions/clarifications listed below.
  2. There will be up to a five (5) minute warm-up period between games. There will be a three (3) minute halftime
  3. Each player will be allowed a total of six (6) fouls before being disqualified.
  4. Free Throws: 1 & 1 at 7th foul; Double Bonus at 10th foul.
  5. All games will be played in two (2) sixteen (16) minute halves.
  6. Clock/MERCY Rule: If a team is ahead by 20 points or more in the 2nd half with 3 minutes remaining, the game will be considered complete and end.
  7. Overtime Rules –The first overtime will be 3 minutes. All subsequent overtimes will be 2 minutes only. Each team will be given 0:30 sec. time-out in each overtime period. No time-outs will carry over from previous period(s).
  8. There will be a 30 second shot clock used in all games. NO 5 SECOND closely guarded while dribbling. Shot clock resets to 30 seconds.
  9. Time Outs- 2 Full/ 2 30 second Time Outs per game, only 1 Full Time Out will carry over into the 2nd half if unused. A timeout won’t give the offensive team a new 10 seconds in the backcourt.
  10. No game will begin before the time listed on the official game schedule.
  11. Players will be allowed to play for one team only. Once a player plays in a game for one team, he will no longer be eligible to participate for any other team in the tournament.
  12. The home team is the top team in the app or the 1st team listed and will wear light colored jerseys and sit to the left of the score table facing the court. The away team will be the bottom team in the bracket or the 2nd team listed and will wear dark colored jerseys and sit to the right of the score table facing the court.

13: Fights/Ejections

1st offense- Coach/Player removed to stands for the remainder of the game and will not be eligible to participate in the next game and can be removed from the remainder of the series at the discretion of the Grassroots Director.

Eligibility Rules – Players are eligible to participate in the grade level they are enrolled in for the current (2022-2023) school year so long as they meet the age eligibility rules:

o 15U/9th Grade: Must be 16 or younger as of May 31st, 2023.
o 16U/10th Grade: Must be 17 or younger as of May 31st, 2023
o 17U/11th Grade: Must be 18 or younger as of May 31st, 2023  – 17U teams may have a max of unsigned seniors.

All teams must meet NCAA Requirements. You must have all necessary paperwork entered on the BBCS prior to the certified event. 3SSB staff reserves the right to determine a player ineligible if the NCAA has not made a ruling at the time of event.

Teams are required to wear Adidas uniforms & shoes during all games. Any accessories or under shirts that are visible must be adidas also.