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All coaches and teams are required to be registered with and built in the BBCS system. In order to coach in any live events, coaches must complete the USA Basketball Gold licensing program. Adult users will not be able to submit a team roster prior to obtaining the USA Gold License.

Please go to https://community.usab.com/ and begin this application right away.

PLEASE NOTE: You MUST renew this license each year! Previous licensure DOES NOT carry over into the new season. Coaches not completing this process and appearing on a team roster will not be able to participate on the bench during live recruiting period events.


In addition to completing USA Basketball Gold licensing, all organizations, coaches, and players must register with the NCAA in the BBCS system. Any coach or player who plans to participate and sit on the bench during live recruiting period events in April, May and July must appear in the BBCS and on their respective Team Roster. Any coach or player not appearing on the team roster will not be permitted to coach or participate in the event.

Players with flagged status within the BBCS system will be asked to provide written documentation to prove eligibility. Player’s families who cannot provide this documentation for their coaches for checkin will not be permitted to play. Please refer to the Justifications link below for required documentation.

ALL roster building must be done in the BBCS system at https://bbcs.ncaa.org