Game. Life. World

3SSB (3 Stripes Select Basketball) serves as a leading youth basketball platform that provides the tools necessary for student-athletes to be successful on and off court. 

Through our exclusive adidas sponsored spring and summer basketball circuit, 28 selected programs from across the nation will compete against one another in (3) NCAA “live period” events; allowing the elite student-athletes to showcase their skillsets and talent in front of hundreds of D1 college coaches, national media and scouts. This year, the (3) “live-period” events will be held in Louisville, Council Bluffs, and Birmingham.

GAME: Elevating the GAME

Provide a platform that enables our student-athletes to secure scholarship opportunities to further their education, while maintaining sportsmanship and competitive performance. 

LIFE: Changing LIVES

Create an environment that fosters educational growth and personal development.

WORLD: Impacting the WORLD

Empower young student-athletes to create change through community service.